Welcome to Blairatholl Golf Academy, where your idea of golf is redefined and given a more robust meaning. Golfing represents different things to different people. For some, it is a relaxation sport, for others, it is an entertaining program, yet for others, it is a bonding game. However, we have successfully combined all the critical attributes of golf into one: Our golf is the bastion of sportsmanship; it defines the bedrock of relationships, and we pride ourselves to show you how.

Are you a beginner who is overwhelmed by the supposed complexities associated with golf or have you been playing the game and unsatisfied by the progress you are making? Whichever is the case, we have a team of professional staffs that are committed to demystifying the challenges you face with the game.

Our unique approach to coaching ultimately stands us out from others, as we understand the potential pitfalls that could stall a likely golfer’s progress and leverage on it. We tend to the fears and reservations that could restrain you from putting yourself into the game and give you a total mind shift.

We believe that golfing is a mind game, and becoming an expert in it begins first from the mind. So, rather than teach the game outwards, we employ a strategy of preparing our students from inward outwards. And this has in no small measure amounted to several success stories.

Our team does not just teach what golfing is about; they walk you through golfing. You can be sure to see our instructors on course directing you steadily on the way to go, and reprimanding you if need be on an aspect you are overlooking. These guys have years of experience playing golf and naturally see what a rookie may ignore. That’s why we invest in bringing aboard our team only professionals that know their onions.

If you truly are interested in learning golf and soaring in it, we are your best shot at the process. We only take our students to courses with the most up-to-date facilities, one with an ambiance that is conducive to play golf in, nice bathroom, ready-to-help staffs, competitions, concessions, parking space, and the possibility for networking with other golfers.

All these are important to us because we try to give our students a unique cutting edge in the path they have chosen, and we believe that where they go to golf has a lot to play in their eventual outcome.

You could do one of two things; especially if you have a quest to be champion in golfing someday — dream about being that world-class golfer or take deliberate moves in making that dream of yours a reality. We hope you settle for the latter, as we can’t wait to be a part of birthing your desire.

It’s straightforward to get started. Just call any of our numbers, and our support staff will hint you on all you need to get started. Our social media handles are active; you could follow us for the latest updates on golfing. Plus you could join our Facebook community and start networking with potential golfers like yourself.