We train our players to be the best there as golfers through our extensive curriculum and practical hangouts on courses. We don’t undermine the impact what having competition with other golfers can do for and in them. So, we are frequently organizing competitions in-house to engender togetherness, team spirit, and determination to be better.

The best from our in-house competitions are often paired to compete with other golfers from other schools. An opportunity to represent the school often creates in the players a desire to get better in their in-house training.

We further encourage players by giving incentives to winners of the Golf competition. This is to stir in them the crave to be the best that there is, and be happy doing so. The challenges are often healthy and in no way spell a do or die affair. No wonder its one aspect of our program that the players eagerly anticipate.

We often award winners incentives such as discount in their tuition, representing the school, and scholarships. All these are in a bid to get them to commit to putting their heart into the learning process; seeing the benefits that accrue to standing out from the pack.

Some major international championships motivate what we do, as the desire of any coach is to see her students shine at the championships while representing them. So, we work around grooming our players to play with other potential golfers at the world stage.

Do you ever dream of playing golf at the world stage? We would take your hand and walk you through from the rookie to the intermediary, and the expert level; these aren’t vain words, but one we have persistently done and with results.

So, dispel your reservations and give us a call now, so we get started.