We have a community made up of golfers of all class; professionals and rookies alike. The club was created primarily for players to network and build associations. We believe that an active community of like-minds is one significant way to establish influence in the Golf world.

Those who have become alumni are compulsorily a part of the club, and so continually educate those who are yet to graduate of the opportunities available to them in the business.

Information has been one major privilege players have enjoyed as they bond with themselves. Being informed is one way to stay ahead, so we welcome information that sells the latest update on Golf and how we could thrive on it.

Our clubs aren’t automatic to join, as it requires a form of financial commitment; especially from those who haven’t passed through our tutelage. Nevertheless, one thing binds everyone we admit into our club, and that is a dying passion for being better at golf.

Our members come from different background and skill levels. If you need some additional training, we offer a free training session with Liam Ashcroft. When he is not working his marketing magic at Casumo, he spends his days here on the golf course. Speak to the reception if you are interested in a free session. If you are lucky, you might even get a free casumo bonus to use in the casino. Just ask nicely!

Members of the club have privileges that go beyond just talking about Golf. They form a bond that is similar to family, which ensures that each one looks out for another. So, for members of our club, there’s a sense of responsibility to one another.

We organize get-together sometimes where we party and have fun amongst ourselves. We plan and then make deliberations on how to do what we do better. Latest updates are shared and we basically set the pace for our course of action.

Do you play Golf but seem to be walking solo? Maybe you should consider joining our Golf Club to get that sense of belonging and family whilst you make your journey of golfing. Our moral support will definitely come in handy from time to time, so why not consider maximizing its potentials?